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Buenos Aires, Argentina


November 3-7, 2019

Join us in Argentina!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with the world’s leading zoo and aquarium professionals to discuss key issues such as animal welfare, conservation, climate change, plastic pollution and the future of zoos and aquariums.

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It is with great pleasure to announce, for the first time in South America in 25 years, the 74th WAZA Annual Conference, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I personally, together with Fundación Temaikèn feel very proud to host this exciting event and to have the opportunity to share our practices and perspectives.

This year we will address the challenging issues which concern us all, such as ocean pollution, the power of technology, revising our business models, knowing how to attract more visitors through the doors, and most of all, the need to work collaboratively – creating rich networks.

That’s why this year’s conference theme, “Together for Nature” means creating a culture of conservation. Involving ourselves and committing others to generate awareness of the causes we stand for.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) represents a global community of zoological institutions united for care and conservation of living flora and fauna. This position is shared locally and globally with botanical gardens, museums, protected areas and interested communities. Successful conservation means that all species, including humanity, thrive in ecosystems which are healthy and sustainable in the long-term. By helping to create a culture of conservation in our communities, zoos and aquariums are a vital part of the process of encouraging behavior change to save species and maintain healthy ecosystems.

In this conference, our main purpose is to inspire ourselves and commit ourselves to nature. Finding ways of involving many others in our cause. We invite you to share your voice in the conference because we believe that we can all make a difference.

We look forward to seeing you here in our city and encourage you to discover the biodiversity that Argentina has to offer.

Darío Lareu

CEO Fundación Temaikèn

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and its global partnership we would like to welcome you to the 74th WAZA Annual Conference in Buenos Aires.

WAZA is pleased to stage its first-ever annual conference in Argentina, and is returning to South America after a gap of 25 years. This region plays a pivotal role in the protection of wildlife and wild places. South America accounts for 26 percent of the world’s area designated for conserving biodiversity, and Argentina alone contains nearly 300 endangered species of animals and plants, ranging from the jaguar and the Mendoza’s Pehuenche frog to the Pampas deer and the Patagonian Cypress tree.

South America is also important to WAZA’s growth as part of the WAZA Global Strategy, as we seek to add zoos and aquariums across the region, to become a truly universal assembly.

The conference theme, “Together for Nature,” is particularly appropriate, as WAZA’s greatest impact consistently occurs when the members work together. Zoos and aquariums accomplish incredible feats in their own projects and programmes, but when they share resources and combine forces the community is truly unstoppable.

Buenos Aires is a modern city with over 500 years of history that consistently ranks among the world’s top tourist destinations. Argentina’s connection to the natural world is evident, with 41 protected areas covering an area of 37,000 square kilometres, and we encourage you all to book excursions before or after the conference to experience the beauty and diversity of the country.

When WAZA made the decision several years ago to award the 2019 conference to Buenos Aires over bids from other major cities and institutions, it did so with vision and confidence. As we approach the 74th WAZA Annual Conference, it is clearer than ever that we made the right choice.

We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful city of Buenos Aires!

WAZA Executive Office


The 74 th WAZA Annual Conference, hosted by Fundación Temaiken, will take place at the Grand View Hotel and Convention Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.